April 2025 Custom (Booking Fee)


This is the 50% booking fee only, unless Pay All at Once option is selected. Remaining payment will be invoiced and must be paid before the project date.

Total Pricing for Covers:
*$400 for Custom Ebook Tier 1 (No Revisions)
*$500 for Custom Ebook Tier 2 (1-3 Proofs)
*$50 total for Preorder Paperback
*$50 total for Audiobook Cover

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Custom Cover Tier 1 is Proof 1, no revisions, this is like a custom premade (trust me package), the client must have a stock photo picked out for their cover.
Custom Ebook Tier 2 the designer will spend more time on this package. The client has the option for revisions and will have up to 1-3 proofs. After the 3rd proof, the designer will work at their hourly rate.
If Custom Cover Tier 1 is chosen, the client can upgrade to Custom Ebook Tier 2.

File Formats will be: ebook jpeg, paperback pdf, audiobook jpeg

How our Process Works: Book your session. Within 2-7 days, we will email you a cover questionnaire and a date that we’ll start the design. Custom Cover Tier 1 – this is best for clients who have their model picked out and fully trust the designer (similar to a custom premade)–the client can always upgrade to Tier 2. Custom Cover Tier 2 may be up to 1-3 proofs total. The booked date given is the week we get started, not necessarily the day the cover is done. Any questions please feel free to message our “Contact Us” page.

If a cover takes longer to complete (a composite or a genre that takes longer to design) and custom cover tier 1 was chosen–the designer may charge the client to upgrade to custom tier 2.

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Lunar Eclipse (Full Wrap + eBook), Once upon a star (eBook Cover)